spontaneous decisions

Spontaneity and decisions

Day by day we make so uncountable decisions. We decide with who we speak, what we wear, which way we`re gonna go. Sometimes we make decisions for the next day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and sometimes they`ll affect the rest of our life. It`s likely that I`m gonna regret some when they will leave me hurt but honestly I try to be alright with it as long as it made me feel happy and content for the time they lasted.

I made a decision that took me to an event where I met somebody who`s getting more important and important day by day. I already noticed his impact in my state of mind. Subconscious change of behavior is what I seek for it being the only change that happens by itself. Frankly, I don`t know where this is gonna lead us but I won`t hide this time.

Dear hope, please be kind one time



dear world

dear world,

sometimes I wonder about the future.


if I`m significant enough to have a place on this earth. What could have happened if somebody other than me would be here right now. But that`s the thing I have to realize day by day: I AM here.

And I want to be someone who is, will be and eventually have been here. Occasionally I have these weird thoughts about how weird it is to be seen by others and to have other people think about you. Because that`s what we specialised in right? To think. Thinking is our power, they say, but shouldn`t our actions represent our thoughts? Why is it, that we spend so much time thinking and not doing? What could our future be like if we start doing

Dear world, I`m your witness